Malcolm Wheatley’s advice for project managers is no less pointed and makes disturbing reading for anyone who thinks that incompetence and mismanagement is the sole preserve of the public sector. He describes six phases. “At first, the project starts well, with Enthusiasm. Then follows Panic, as the magnitude viagra na erekcje of the task dawns. Then there’s Disillusionment, as the inevitable hard work and doubt take their toll. Then, the fourth stage:

Success Against All The Odds. This is followed by the fifth stage, The Search for the Guilty, with the process being completed by the sixth and final stage – The Casting of Glory on the Uninvolved.”

David Lawson a facilities management expert and contributor to Property Week reckons that a key to business excellence lies with your unseen allies – the army of service contractors who look after your buildings. FM, he says, “is the glue that holds businesses together and like any good adhesive it should be invisible. But FM has become far more obvious in the last decade. It jumped to prominence in the recession as companies sought to cut costs and even when profits returned, kamagra lek increased competition, high interest rates and a strong pound have forced further appraisal.

“This May, Business Excellence is bigger than ever, reflecting a wealth of feedback from CBI member companies, a strong body of advice from business analysts, consultants and business schools. And, of course, we have continued to attract contributions from popular and highly-regarded business journalists.

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