Malcolm Wheatley’s advice for project managers is no less pointed and makes disturbing reading for anyone who thinks that incompetence and mismanagement is the sole preserve of the public sector. He describes six phases. “At first, the project starts well, with Enthusiasm. Then follows Panic, as the magnitude of the task dawns. Then there’s Disillusionment, […]

Under performance

Senior managers now appear to appreciate that if they are to achieve their strategic plans, they should adopt a more balanced approach to measuring performance by considering financial and non-financial performance measures. Considerable attention is presently being given by a number of so-called leading edge companies to developing a more comprehensive and integrated set of […]


Interest among directors and managers in performance management as a tool for delivering strategic objectives is well-established in the management literature. However, this interest has been heightened in recent years by several factors. First, the rise of the Total Quality Management movement drew the attention of managers to the importance of focusing on the customer […]


The people part of the equation is as important as processes. Leadership is a vital issue but no less important is communicating the vision throughout the company. The difference between a strategic and an ad hoc approach to training is the difference between business excellence and a business “getting by”, believes Margaret Murray, director of […]


Barely two months after the budget and with an election looming, corporate Britain could be forgiven for wishing a curse on all politicians. Complicated tax and benefits regime and reams of red tape and bureaucracy have given business a lot to complain about. Strict fiscal control is prudent on one level but the missed opportunities […]